The first Korean fantasy

Life - Catching Dream


This system was added to give you more fun from regular ordinary fishing. The one that catches the biggest fish will be rewarded every week.

Register and Participate

1. Register for Dream fish Fishing
- Period : Every Thursday 22:00 ~ Friday 22:00 (1 day)
- 10 thousand geon will be consumed for registration.
- Every Wednesday by 22:00, Fishing is halted and you will have to register again in order to fish the Dream fish.
- When you register for Dream fish fishing, then you will be able to catch 3 other kinds of fish as well as the regular fish before.
- Merchants that require dream fish are at Narootuh, Jook-Suh Cargo Station, and City of Priest. And you may find them around Fishing grounds manager.

2. Catching fish by Fishing.
- Period : Friday 22:00 ~ Wednesday 22:00 (5 days).
- You can set your fish hook ad catch regular fish and dream fish.
- You will not be able to drop Herring, Hairy fish and Anchovy since they go into the bar.

Fish Item

Fish Price at the store Effect
Not sold
You can only catch these fish after registration
of Dream Fish (cannot be sold or dropped)
Hairy Fish
Not sold
Not sold
14 geons
You can recover your health and cook them
(Can be sold or dropped)
40 geons
100 geons
1,000 geons
Eel 1,000 geons