The first Korean fantasy

Production System-Produce Dark Relics

Appearance of hermit Blacksmith

“Did you hear about secret blacksmith Skill?
That story is true. And I am heir of this skill.”
“If you collect all elements and bring it to me, I will make a great equipments.
Of course, it is not easy, but you could do it..”
New blacksmith who has a secret skill will be added nearly at Tree of Penance in “Resting place of a Dead person.”

Mystical Powder

- Mystical Powder drops from level 100-129 monsters with a low probability.
- Mystical Powder has a low chance of dropping from Cheonjiyeon, Daeva Wasteland, Hondel, The Lawless zone of Dead person, Resting place of Dead Person, Tower of D’evah, and Infinite Tower monsters. - By including Mystical Powder in Dark Relics materials, you can craft Dark Relics Item selection boxes.