The first Korean fantasy

Jobs & Job Tree


The long researches and investigation shows that their lives are full of studying.
They had been priests once but they had used unauthorized magic.
And they are expelled to the deep forest. However, all male
Magicians were dead by the spears and swords in the battle and
only females have survived until now.
They are just anxious to continue their study.

Job Tree & Features of Magician

1. Scholar Skill

They use magic to attack enemies.

2. Literary Man Skill

They are getting used to the magic attacks and also have revive and cure skills.

3. Hermit Skill

They have specialty on attacking specific area with the magic.

4. Chairperson of Joong-Bang Skill

They have powerful skills to assist allies and have reviving skill.

5. Ascetic Skill

They are specialized in attacking specific unit and self-defense skills.

6. Military Adviser Skill

They might be weak against the infighters, but they have skills to assist and manage all allies.