The first Korean fantasy

Game System

Game Guide System

[Game Guide System] helps beginners and newbies in Lv.1~60 to play KalOnline smoothly.
-Game Guide System consists of the in-game NPCs, which provide players with basic useful information, and auto-providing reward items from the system.
-Game information for beginners is provided from the NPC, Seohak to players on every Lv.10(Lv.10, 20, 30, 40. 50, 60).

NPC, Seohak

- The NPC, Seohak is in Narootuh, Jook-Suh Cargo Station, Geum-Oh Mine, The Pub of the Giant Bird, Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle and City of Priest.
- The NPC provides an informative piece of game information to players in accordance with their character Level .

- The location of Seohak
Near Woman [Yae-Jin] in Narootuh
Near Woman [Ok-Jin] and Dream Fish Merchant in Jook-Suh Cargo Station
Near Assassin List in Geum-Oh Mine
Near The South Gate in The Pub of the Giant Bird
Near Mix Master in Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle
Near Jeong-ilguk in City of Priest