The first Korean fantasy

Jobs & Job Tree


"soundless and Traceless Killer "Blaming the world for thier doomed fate.
Thieves had secluded themselves form society.
Their only connection with others worldy creatures - that recently have appeard-started
threatening their lives. Thieves have made a temporay truce with the governmental troops.
People started noticing that those mysterious killers are doing heroic deeds for their country:
words about the killer-to-heroes have quickly spread nationwide, softening their dark image.
But none of them has seen the true colors of Thieves.
They are professional killers that sink into the shadow and harass enemies.
As soon ar anyone with an evil purpose lays eyes on the shadow of Thieves,
he won't survive to make any comment about the opponent.

Job Tree & Features of Thief

1. Wandering Thief Skill

A most basic type of Thief; specializes in melee attacks and uses Hiding, the basic combat skill of Thief.

2. Thief Guild member Skill

Has ability to several types of skills while in hiding mode.

3. Hitman Skill

Specializes in one on one fight;
has skills dedicated to assassination such as quick attack and fatal wound.
Assassins are professional killers that never hesitate to cheat or
destruct themselves as long as it is to eliminate their targets.

4. I, Swordsman (Invisible Swordsman) Skill

Despite their origin-stealthy Thieves, Invisible Swordsman prefer confronting their enemies.
Their fast movement and powerful counterattacks can throw enemies off balance,
and they can weaken the armor of enemy to expose and attack the vital point.
Being one that is worth a hundred persons, Invisible Swordsmen do not hesitate to slash down multiple enemies by themselves.

5. Dark Shadow Skill

No one can survive once they lay eyes on Dark Shadow.
Gifted with the hiding ability, Dark Shadow cover themselves under the curtain of shadow while fighting.
If you have to fight them, use your intuition than the eyes that can easily deceive you.
And watch your back; they can sink into your shadow and kill you before you know.

6. Unearthly Ghost Skill

Unearthly Ghosts are reluctant to assassinate enemies, but enjoy making sport of them in a similar way that Dark Shadow do.
While Dark Shadow was mastering their hiding ability, Unearthly Ghosts focused on dagger skills.
Their dagger is so fast that no one has witness its movement or shape; hence the name Unearthly Ghost.