The first Korean fantasy



Registration of Guild’s Flag

- Mark can be registered with the NPC flag manager and equipped with the flag.
- When you become a Build Member, you can create a Build's Flag.
- Build's flap is composed of kinds of mark, ground color of flag and girth color of flag. And with these 3 positions, you can make one mark.
- You can select 10 colors for ground and girl color each, and one shape among 20 kinds of shapes.
- Mark registration requirements: You can change it even if you are registered at the level 3 or higher, Sub-Leader, Zamogen 500,000geon, and Build Mark.
- Requirements for purchasing flags: Registering a Guild Markrk, Zamogen 12,000geon - Press Mark in Build WIndows to select Mark only.

Use of the flag and flag bearer

- Player may carry and bear flag.
- Flag bearer can be any guild member who is in a guild of level 3 or above.
- Flag is automatically destroyed when guild is dismissed or bearer is seceded.
- Flag is not to be dropped on the ground, and traded only with members of the same guild.
- When Flag bearer dies with his flag, flag is destroyed.
- Range of Flag has effect on Castle Siege and applied range is limited.
- There are correction values to flag bearer due to kinds of flags, cannot be buffed including movement buff. And he or she is not capable of transforming into ancient animals.
- Buff of flag can be given to only members of same guild, and you cannot bear flag when you are transformed into ancient animal.
- Prefixed flag buffs range and guild leader can purchase from the flag store.

Kinds and Ability of Prefixed Flags

Name of Flag Ability Correcting Value
Flag of Speed Speed of Movement 150% HP 100%, Attack 50%, Speed 150%
Flag of Struggle Attacking skill 20% HP 200%, Attack 50%, Speed 80%
Flag of Magic Magical Attacking skill 20% HP 200%, Attack 50%, Speed 80%
Flag of Defense Absorption 30 HP 200%, Attack 50%, Speed 80%
Flag of Intelligence Resistance to magical attack 30 HP 200%, Attack 50%, Speed 80%
Flag of Impregnableness Heals 100 in 1 sec. HP 200%, Attack 50%, Speed 80%