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Area-Tower of priest

Tower of priest

Tower of priest introduction

Emperor Temoth I was all anxiety for the contract that he’d made with I’Lryer prior to the abolishment of the Balkhan Emperor and unification of Geheneh: “I’ll give you a power in exchange with the eldest sons of your monarchs,” said the powerful I’Lryer. Blinded by a desire for the power, Temoth said yes and he enthroned himself with the power endowed by I’Lryer.
The old emperor couldn’t do nothing but regret his choice every time he faced the dashing figure of his eldest son, young Temoth II, who was named after the father.

One day, I’Lryer came to Temoth I urging him to execute the contract, but was driven out of the palace by the emperor. As if he expected, I’Lryer left one word before he quietly left the palace: “You’ll now have to pay the price for breaking the contract.”

I’Lryer walked across Geheneh heading north to Highland of the Sky, the land of GuhBalhan. Behind him following his way, a closed world of magic opened awakening big and small fairies from their thousand years of sleep. Unlike their pure and innocent nature described in legend, the fairies were heinous and violent influenced by the spirit of demons--that exist in the gap of space and time--during their millenary sleep. To calm down the angered fairies, the blood of five ancient tribes of Geheneh, but Temoth I was oblivious because he betrayed I’Lryer.

I’Lryer is now waiting for a warrior who will seal the gap of space and time by unveiling ancient secrets and the identity of the demons at Highland of the Sky, City of Priest, and Tower of Priest

Tower of Priest special

An ancient tower

located in the center of Fairy Forest and surrounded by evil fairies of the forest
where I’Lryer has resided since he was expelled from Geheneh long time ago. It is infested by fairies that were influenced by the evil energy of demons.

-This tower consists of total 10 levels. Following the tower quests, you must clear up to the 10th level where a boss monster summoned by the spirit of I’Lryer awaits. If you successfully defeat the boss, you will be rewarded with an item that allows you to use the portal to Geheneh Continent.

Entrance limit.

- Tower of Priest is limited to enter as follows :

Floor Entrance basis Remark
1~5 floor Unlimited Unlimited The Quest Item is dropped for players with the tower entry quest.
6Floor Require restoration for [Moon-yong] 100 pieces of Unknown world
7Floor Require restoration for [Moon-yong] 200 pieces of Unknown world
8Floor Require restoration for [Moon-yong] 300 pieces of Unknown world
9Floor Require restoration for [Moon-yong] 500 pieces of Unknown world
10 floor
(I’lyer’s Room)
United party members within at least “Platoon”.
At least every party member must possess the quest item.

Level Concept

I’Lryer’s Room Top Level
Quest item available for
the questers.
A magical world; rough, square obsidian columns at the different lengths shoot up and have stone stairs in between. Upper Level
Quest item available for
the questers.
Octagon-shaped magical room in where no physical logics exist; there are walls, but no ceiling. And under the floor is endless space. Mid Level
Quest item available for
the questers.
The bottom levels that give off an intimidating vibe with the high ceiling and thick columns. It is brighter and simpler than other levels. Lower Level
Free for All

Quest Organization

The “Tower of Priest” quest is to move to Geheneh Continent that will be implemented in the near future.
The Location of the Quest NPC “Il Ja”

-Quest Details

NO Qwest NPC Contents Requirement
1 Qualification Test: “Essence of Elemental” Il Ja Collect “Essences of Elemental” from Tower of Priest. 3rd Class
2 The Passage Money:"Devah’s Soul" Il Ja Collect “Souls of Undead” from Tower of Priest. 1 of Each “Essence of Elemental”
3 The Trial of “I’Lryer” Il Ja Meet I’Lryer in “I’Lryer’s Room” and prove your qualification. 100 “Souls of Undead” (“I’Lryer’s Necklace”)
4 The Key to the Unknown World Il Ja To the New Continent (In Development) "Ring of I'Lryer"