The first Korean fantasy

Game System

Training Center

- This system is supporting for obtaining EXP automatically.
- A character can gain EXP while a character doing a training.
- A training center gives an initial training time and a player can extend a training period.
- You can move to Training center from Narootuh village’s [Training Center Manager] NPC.

Important notice for Training

- Gaining EXP is fixed amount depend on your character level.
- EXP UP event will not be applied.
- Stone of EXP, Blessing of Asadal, and other EXP related Items will not be applied.

Method to move Training Center

- Enter Narootuh village
- Find a [Training Center Manager] NPC and talk.
- Pay a transfer fee then move to Training Center.

Training center start method

- You entered Training Center after[Training Center Manager] NPC talks.
- You can use Training Center system. You can check [Training Center usage time].
- When a character hit one of a wooden doll, [Training Center usage time] will be deducted and started a training.
※ Training usage time can be extended to 999 hours.

Training finish method

- When training usage time becomes to 00:00, a training will be finished automatically.
- When a character stop hit [Wooden doll], a training will be finished.
※ If unexpected client clash or other reasons of client close case, training will be finished automatically.

Training center escape method

- You can talk to [Training Center Head Chief] NPC then you can move to Narootuh village.