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Item Enhancement - Enhancement Bonus

Introduction to the Enhancement Bonus system

Enhancement Bonus is an effect that grants additional abilities depending on the attack enhancement level or defense enhancement level only for Sacred Weapon and Sacred Armor items.
For example, if there is an item effect in the item information window that says "Enhancement Bonus" +5: Attack Power 1%, you will receive that effect when you reach level 5 of attack enhancement.

Enhancement Bonus

Weapon: +5, +10, +15, +20 Effects can be obtained at each enhancement level.
Armor: +5, +10 effects can be obtained at each enhancement level.

How to view in item tooltip

When you hover the mouse cursor over an item, the item tooltip is displayed, and you can check the "Enhancement Bonus" item is shown below.

Enhancement Bonus Information

- Sacred Weapon & Armors (G115)

Division Weapon Armor Shorts Helmet Gloves Shoes
5 OTP 4% PVE DEF 2% DEF 12 Absorb 15 OTP 22 EVA 4%
10 Absorb 5% PVE ATK 3% PVE DEF 3% PVE ATK 3% PVP ATK 3% Moving Speed 5%
15 PVP DEF 3%
20 ATK 5%