The first Korean fantasy


Party System

Instruction of Making Party - by Chatting Window

On chatting window, type [/party (companion's name)].(ex: /party kalonline)
This method can be used without any distance limitation.

Instruction of Making Party - by Mouse

Register the [party] icon on the quick command slot and push the appropriate number button for being ready to use.

Click the right mouse button for asking party.
If the other player allows it, party is made.

For confirming party, click party button on the upper right side of the screen of push 'P' button.

※ Screen of one who get asked for a party

Seceding from the Party

On the chatting window, type [/secedeparty] or open the party window and click the secede button.
Seceding can be done anytime.

Shares of Party

Party shares and distributes experience points and items only when within a certain range.
Item distribution methods include manual distribution and automatic distribution, and manual distribution is applied by default.

Free for All – When an item is picked up, the item is distributed only to the character who picked it up.
Random – When an item is given, it is randomly distributed to all party members.

However, quest-exclusive items can only be acquired by characters who have the quest.