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Area-Picture of Hell

What about Picture of Hell?

Test your combat capability as well as the cooperative power of your party through Kal Online’s instance dungeon system. Players in a selected level range can explore the dungeons in party.
Only party leaders can request to challenge the Picture of Hell dungeon. Other party members automatically join the dungeon along with the leader.
A set amount of Rebirth Talisman is available to use to resurrect yourself and party inside the Picture of Hell dungeon. Your challenge fails once you spend all available Rebirth Talismans. (High-grade Rebirth Scroll excluded from the restriction)
Clearing the dungeon is limited by time. Parties that clear all the stages and boss of the dungeon are rewarded with special items and money.
Fear no more death penalties! With Rebirth Talismans, you can resurrect yourself and party inside the dungeon and continue exploring till the end.

Picture of Hell Story

"Sol-gue" was a genius painter with God-given talent. He drew the “Picture of Hell” to enlighten the worldly ignorant people, coincidently when Emperor Hyunwon caused war and brought disorder to the world. Shortly after the war begun, Sol-gue and his Picture of Hell disappeared into thin air.According to the magicians' advice that Sol-gue's works can purify demons, searching for Sol-gue, Jeong-ilguk and his younger brother of Jeong-yiguk who are officials of Dohwawon heard of Picture of Hell which consists of two paintings(Chuksaeng and Soo-Ra). They have to also find out his paintings as they perceived that the paintings had relation to his disappearance.They at last found out the two sheets of Picture of Hell and got to know the two facts that monsters from Hell who had been afraid of the purification ability of Picture of Hell put a curse on them and made them gateways to Hell and that Sol-gue himself also got into Hell through Picture of Hell. They are now raising people who can help Sol-gue out of Picture of Hell.

Picture of Hell Entrance

Grade Level Location
Chuksaeng Level 36~55 The front yard of Geum-Oh Mine near the Northern Gate.
Soo-Ra Level 56~85 Near the gate of City of Priest

- Picture of Hell “Challenge Interface” (Hell Gate Lobby Interface)

1. Challenging Party Information Window.
2. Auto-selected Grade Display/Selection.
3. Rebirth Talisman Share Pane.(Only challenging party leaders can select the option to share Rebirth Talismans in party.)
4. Ready Button. (Only challenging party leaders can select this option when his party is ready to enter the dungeon._Pressing this button disables all other options.)
5. Leave Party Button. (Only challenging party leaders can select this option to return to the location of the challenge application upon the disbandment of his party.)
6.Secession Button. (Only challenging party leaders can select this option to expel a selected member from his party.)

Picture of Hell System

Characteristics of Picture of Hell
The Picture of Hell consists of total 11 stages: 10 challenging and 1 boss stages.
The object of each stage is to eliminate a set amount of selected monsters.
Once all monsters are eliminated, Portal Stone (Seal of Hell) is generated. Destroying the Portal Stone moves you to a next stage. ·The following flowchart shows the advancement in the Picture of Hell dungeon.

Player Rule


The Picture of Hell is available for party to challenge. Upon moving to the first challenging stage from the Hell Gate lobby, the leader of a party pays 10,000 Zamo-geon. The Picture of Hell consists of total 11 stages: 10 challenging and 1 boss stages. When challenging the Picture of Hell, a total of 3 Rebirth Talismans is given to each party member. (If the party leader selects the Share option, the entire Rebirth Talismans of his party are shared among the members.) Rebirth Talisman resurrects you or your party member without death penalty while challenging the Picture of Hell. (1 spent per resurrection.) If no more Rebirth Talisman is available upon the death of a party member, he fails the challenge and is automatically returned to the dungeon lobby. In case Rebirth Talismans are shared among party members and no more of the talismans is available, the entire party fails the challenge. Challenging the Picture of Hell is limited by time, regardless of a remaining amount of Rebirth Talismans of a party. Once the time is over, the entire party fails the challenge. The time limit may change through future balancing updates if deemed necessary.

- Features of Soo-Ra

Doggebi of TimeThere exists the monster of Doggebi of Time, who steals some amount of player's limit time, in every stage of Soo-Ra, but player can get his/her stolen time back by beating him down. Doggebi of Time should be taken a special care of as it disappears after a certain period of time.Monsters from HellMonsters from Hell appears in Picture of Hell_Soo-Ra only and they all have the words "from Hell" with their own name. As befits their name, they are almost as strong as any boss monsters, so special care should be taken in fighting against them. They are found in every stage of Soo-Ra and 1~2 monsters will be summoned at certain fields.

The Composition of a picture
① Display Time limit
② Remain Rebirth Talisman
③ Party Window
④ Trap
⑤ Portal Stone

Reward Picture of Hell

Configuration Reward System

Some amount of EXP and Zamogeon can be obtained, and some honor/reward points can be rewarded in Soo-Ra.
A fixed amount of reward is given to a successful party, and the reward is distributed among the members in proportion to the number of survived members and their levels. (Each honor point information is the amount for one participant.)
You receive a higher amount of reward if your level is higher than others and survived members are fewer.
The following chart shows EXP and Zamo-geon rewards per challenge grade. (The amounts of reward may change through future balancing updates if deemed necessary.)

Grade Reward EXP Reward Zamo-geon Honor Point Honor Reward Remarks
Picture of Hell_Chucksaeng_Low
30,000 150,000 - - The amount of reward is fixed and
distributed among party members in proportion
to the number of remaining members and their levels.
Picture of Hell_Chucksaeng_Medium
80,000 300,000 - -
Picture of Hell_Chucksaeng_Hard
100,000 600,000 - -
Picture of Hell_Soo-Ra_Low
40,000 200,000 50 500
Picture of Hell_Soo-Ra_Medium
90,000 400,000 60 600
Picture of Hell_Soo-Ra_Hard 120,000 700,000 70 700

What's the Item of Soo-Ra High-ranker?

- About Item of Soo-Ra High-ranker
After all ranking points from participants in Soo-Ra are accumulated and computed, certain items will be given to top five rankers. These are "Items of Soo-Ra High-ranker" and they can be obtained only through participation in Picture of Hell_Soo-Ra.

- What's Ranking Point?
Ranking point is used for ranking sort-out in Picture of Hell_Soo-Ra.
Ranking point consists of Soo-Ra Play Point and Soo-Ra Complete Point.
Soo-Ra Play Point is given to participants that completed 5 or more stages.
Soo-Ra Complete Point is given after all stages have been completed, and its amount will be larger than Soo-Ra Play Point.

-Features of Item of Soo-Ra High-ranker
It's one of the most powerful items fully enchanted and strengthened.
All the players that are allowed to get into Soo-Ra can equip all kinds of Items of Soo-Ra High-ranker for themselves.
All obtained points are calculated and Items of Soo-Ra High-ranker will be given to persons in 1st ~5th ranking.
※ All Soo-Ra Ranking Points have been being accumulated, and as soon as Soo-Ra ranking system is updated, the accumulated points will be computed and applied to the system. (Soo-Ra ranking system is coming soon.)