The first Korean fantasy

Jobs & Job Tree


Heonwon's revive power is getting stronger then there is more suffered souls in the world.
Although the shaman did not readily use the unknown energy,
they were the only lengths to appease the unjust souls in the chaotic world.
In the long turmoil, all the good men came out and participated in the war with a new name.
In the chaos of chaos, the shaman could see a ray of light.
Help the freed souls and
guardians together to lead the battlefield.

Job Tree & Features of Shaman

1. Unfamiliar Shaman Skill

Unfamiliar Shaman's feature is long range magic attack with a god power.

2.Shaman Skill

Shaman is more stronger with god power and easier to use ghost.

3. Hereditary Shaman Skill

Hereditary Shaman is an expert about a summon. Hereditary Shaman summon ghost with gods power.
It is possible that summoned ghost can fight together for enermy.
In addition, It can be possible to attack for area with god power.

4.Exclusive Shaman Skill

Exclusive Shaman is borrow god's power from existence of souls.
Because of Souls' power is a really strong, Exclusive Shaman can use it for a short period of time.
Exclusive Shaman can make you and your party members greatly increase of abillities, so it will make a really stronger for fighting.

5.Rising Shaman of God Skill

Rising Shaman of God was gotten a mediumistic power from the god.
That power is possible to summon the Doggebi and ghost.
The Shaman has powerful ranged damage spells and summons spells.(For PvE)

6.Sprit Shaman of God Skill

Spirit Shaman of God absourbs the god of ancient at the moment.
That power is possible to us powerful buffs and area of effect spells.
The shaman has powerful buffs spells and area of effect spells(For PvP)