The first Korean fantasy

Production System-Talisman of expert

Island of the Battle Field

What’s Island of the Battle Field?

The Son of Sky has commanded to build a training area for Bango’s threat invading to the boundary more strategically. Training area is way far from the Narutuh village. It’s located in an island south from the village. After the training area was built, The Son of Sky has named this place ‘Island of the Battle Field’ and commanded generals to train soldiers.

Registration for Training

  Specific hours Duration
Registration time Sunday 02:30~04:00 (GMT+9)  
Selection announcement Sunday 04:00~04:30 (GMT+9)  
Elite training hours Sunday 04:30~05:30 (GMT+9) 1 hour
General training hours Sunday 06:00~07:00 (GMT+9) 1 hour

- 50 level above training, 60 level above training are going precede separately.
- You can form a army by talking to the Draft Officer in Narutuh village.
- You can join army by talking to the Draft Officer in Narutuh village, and maximum capacity of army is 150.
- In order to join the training, you need 5000 geons and in order to become the leader of the Army you will need extra 10,000 geon.
- Zamo-geons that used for the registration is not refundable.

Level Training Participation
65 level under Not qualified for training participation
65~74 level Qualified to join general army
70~74 level General army leader : can build general army
75 level above Qualified to join the elite army
80 level above Elite army leader : can build elite army

Training Process

- Training Director next to the Narutuh village soldier announces the selected army.
- Among Army that registered, ones with the most numbers will selected
- If army has equal 150 members, army will be selected randomly
- When army leader applicants are less than 50, training won’t be preceded.
- After army is selected, if the numbers of members are different above 15 %, members will be recruited randomly
- After the game starts, if one of the Army has less than 30 members, they will loose automatically.

Island of the Battle Field

- Everyone will be summoned to the island 5 mins before the battle starts
- Ones haven’t been participated will not be able to enter the training area.
- Summoned Army will be distinguished with blue dragon team and white tiger team randomly.
- Users who logged in late will be summoned once in 5 minutes after game started but only in firth 15 minutes.

- There are 2 starting points for each team, and when dead revive here.
- There are 5 points in the training area
- Team that conquers more key point will have the advantage and wins in the end.
- You can put Firmamental Pillar at each key points and there is a stone to summon monsters.
- You can also use ‘encampment’ and ‘doggebi mask’ which are used in suffering valley.

Firmamental Pillar

- Firmamental Pillar is sold by the weapon artisan NPC in Narutuh village.
- When you build Firmamental Pillar at each key point, you can conquer that key point and gets certain buff.
- It takes 15 seconds to build Firmamental Pillar.
- You can also get attacked when building the pillar but as long as you don’t die, pillar will be built.
- When many are trying to build pillar, one’s who finishes first will only last.
- Monsters not only opponents can attack Firmamental Pillar, so you will need soldier to keep it even after you conquer that key point.
- After attacking the pillar when the pillar is vanished you can build new Firmamental Pillar.
- You can use ‘strengthening magic scroll’ to strengthen the Firmamental Pillar.
- When you build ‘True Firmamental Pillar’ monsters won’t be able to attack it.

Key point conquer effect

key point feature conquer conquer effect
Blue dragon team
Blue dragon team’s accuracy point will rise by 15
White tiger team
Blue dragon team’s accuracy point will fall by 15
Blue dragon team
Blue dragon team’s evasion point will rise by 15.
White tiger team
Blue dragon team’s evasion point will fall by 15
Blue dragon team
White tiger team’s accuracy point will fall by 15.
White tiger team
White tiger team’s accuracy point will rise by 15.
Blue dragon team
White tiger team’s evasion point will fall by 15.
White tiger team
White tiger team’s evasion point will raise by 15.
guk-point Null Blue dragon team
gam and lee-point’s conquer status will become null.
White tiger team gun and gon-point’s conquer status will become null.

Status Board of the Battle

- When you press TAB key during the game, you can see the Status Board of the Battle.
- On the board, you can see the list of players with higher score and the status of siege.

Blue dragon team White tiger team
  name score   name score
1 player 1
1 player 1
2 player 2
2 player 2
3 player 3
3 player 3
4 player 4
4 player 4
5 player 5
5 player 5
6 player 6
6 player 6
7 player 7
7 player 7
8 player 8
8 player 8
9 player 9
9 player 9
10 player 10 870 10 player 10 910

End of Game Play

- When the game is over, all players will be summoned to the starting point.
- By the number of key points being conquered, winning team will be decided.
- If the number of conquered key points is same, the sum of reward point of the team will be the variable of decision.
- If the sum of reward point of the team is same, the best rewarded player’s team will win.
- General reward

Remarks Honor point Classification
Winning team
Lost team
Withdraw 1,000 When lost by the lacking member of army, winning team gets this point
- Additional reward
Remarks Building Honor point Classification
Kill opponents 10
Maximum 500
- You can talk to soldier NPC at the starting point and come back to the Narutuh village.

Monster Information

- There are 6 kinds of monsters in island of the battle.

  1. Mutant Demon (Lv 67 / 72)
    This is the mutant demon monster where it was found in the hill of gubalhan and moved to the island. They have very sharp bone sticking out on their palm and attack you. Their size is about human.

  2. Mutant Demon Leader (Lv 77 / 82)
    They are bigger than mutant demon and armed with armor. With the bone spear they attack widely, and they can spin as they attack.

  3. Bronze Man (Lv 67 / 72)
    They are monsters that are born for training which are enchanted bronze sculpture. They are little bigger than human and looks like human, but since they are made of bronze, they are very strong. They fight with short sticks on their both hands.

  4. Bronze Giant (Lv 77 / 82)
    They are even bigger than bronze man and uses big blunt weapon. They drop clapper from the sky and attack so that spinning weapon can reach all the opponents.

  5. Goshi Warrior (Lv 70 / 75)
    They are very isolated and exclusive since they live by their own. Since their body size is larger than human, they are well developed to fight in closer distance. For money, they would give up their lives in battle. They fight with the spear.

  6. Goshi Leader (Lv 85 / 90)
    They are bigger than Goshi warrior and armed with leather armor, use big sword. They can stick ground with their sword, and spin so that they can give wide attack.