The first Korean fantasy

Boss Monster

Doggebi Lord

On the top of the tower, the Doggebi Lord appears which is a gigantic boss monster, and more like a group mission. The ‘Doggebi Lord’ only can be summoned by collecting the 8 pieces of ‘Bronze Mirror’ and place them in the each Stone Monument. The ‘Doggebi Lord’ is a powerful monster so many players have to cooperate and concentrate their powers to defeat the ‘Doggebi Lord’.

When the ‘Doggebi Lord’ is summoned, the tower will start to shake and the 5 minutes ceremony will begin.

When the ‘Doggebi Lord’ is summoned, it will disappear after 60 minutes so players must defeat him in 60 minutes.

In addition, ‘Doggebi Lord’ uses various magical attacks(teleporting, area targeting attack, summoning guards and etc) and absorbs Evil Spirit for healing his HP so all players must use wise strategy to defeat him.

Step1. Placing The 8 Pieces of Bronze Mirror
Step2. 5 Minutes Ceremony for Summoning The Doggebi Lord begins
Step3. Attack The Doggebi Lord with Group of People
Step4. Success or Fail