The first Korean fantasy

Game System

Party Bonus System

1. What’s Party Bonus?

- The whole job class is divided into 11 classes, and Perfect Party is the full-membered party composed
of 8 members who have all different classes with one another.
- Perfect Party may have both characters in the second job and those in the third job with it, because all
Perfect Party members must be in the second job or above.

Job Class Knight Archer Magician
1Class 2Class 3Class 4Class 5Class 6Class
Job V. Sword
G. Sword
M. Advisier
Job Class Thief Shaman Sword Trickster
7Class 8Class 9Class 10Class 11Class
Job Hit man
Dark shadow
I.Sword man
Unearthly Ghost
Hereditary Shaman
Exclusive Shaman
Rising Shaman of God
Spirit Shaman of God
Sword Trickster
Mind Sword
2. Party Bonus Buff

- As soon as a Perfect Party is formed, “Perfect Party” buff will automatically be activated.
- Members under the buff effect of Perfect Party can get additional experience point(20%) out of monster hunt. (The buff effect of Perfect Party can be applied together with that of Stone of EXP.)
- The buff effect of Perfect Party will be deactivated when a Perfect Party is dismissed.