The first Korean fantasy

Area- E-Mok Island

Demon E-moogy

E-Mok Island System

Ordinary people cannot stay at E-Mok Island for a long time as the power of the dragon covers all around the island.
The son of the sky made a talisman to neutralize the power to destroy the temple of the dragon.
When the talisman is sent to the messenger of the son of the sky of Narootuh and destroyed into half,
a magical power from the talisman protects the body to stay at E-Mok Island.

Characteristics of E-Mok Island

- As Emokdo has been reorganized, many high-level monsters from levels 126 to 145 will appear.
- Various non-attribute and attribute monsters appear.
- When hunting monsters before Emokdo, you can obtain Sacred weapon, Sacred Armor items, and various material items.

Check the level of monsters that appear in each region.

Monster level increases as you move away from the start.
Non-elemental monsters appear in gray areas, and elemental monsters appear in yellow areas.
Dense areas have been added for each monster level to facilitate herd hunting.
Rare monsters also appear.

Boss monster information

The gray spot is where the Imokdo Dragon (mid-boss) monster appears, and the yellow spot is where the thousand-year-old Imoogi (boss) monster appears.
The respawn cycle for mid-bosses and boss monsters is 48 hours.