The first Korean fantasy

Life - Mining

- You can get minerals and materials from the mining.
- You can get materials from processing or mining.
- You can start mining if you ask the Mine Manager NPC
- The minerals will be saved in your inventory automatically.
- You can also get these minerals from hunting.

Mine Manager NPC

NPC Name Image Role Note
- Moving to the mine
- Selling a pickax
Mine Keeper - Starting or finishing mining
- Moving to the entrance

Mine Keeper NPC

- You can go to the entrance of mine through the Mine Manager.
- You can purchase a pickax with Zamogeon from Mine manager.

Items for mining

- You can move to the mine keeper through the mine manager.
- You can start mining or come back to the village through the mine keeper.
- You can dig minerals if you select [Mining minerals]
- You can select your pickax on the pop-up page.
- You can’t change the pickax unless you finish mining.

Mine Keeper

- Select a pickax UI
Select a pickax

No Name Explanation Note
1 Pickaxes -It shows the all of pickaxes
-You can choose a pickax for mining
-You can see yellow frame of a selected pickax’s picture.
2 Scroll -You can move from left to right.
-It is inactivated at the end of the list.
3 The Number
of Pickaxes
-It shows the number of pickaxes in your inventory.
-It is shown as 0 if you don’t have the pickax.
4 Start -Mining starts when you push the start button after choosing your pickax.
-Start button is inactivated when you select nothing or pickax you don’t have.
5 Cancel -The pop-up page is closed when you push the cancel button.  

Items for mining

- Pickax is a tool for mining
- Pickax will disappear when you start mining.
- The use of pickax lasts for 30 min and is used automatically from next one.
- A mineral is obtained every 5 min and next pickax will be used or mining will be finished after 30 min.

Types of Pickaxes

Name Image Explanation Note
Pickax This mining tool can be purchased with Zamogeon. Sometimes it brings gravels.  
Blue dragon pickax This pickax is more likely to dig a higher grade mineral or material than common pickax.  
White tiger pickax A white tiger pickax can dig 3 times as many minerals than others.  
Red birdpickax This pickax is same as a Blue dragon pickax but every 10 mins, you'll get one more mineral by 50% probability. Cash item
Mysterious Pickax Pickax is a tool for mining. Efficiency of production is very high when this pickax is more likely to dig primary minerals and premier materials. Cash item


- Minerals and materials can be obtained from mining.
- Materials are made from minerals processing.

Types of minerals

Name Image Explanation Note
Copper ore A common mineral which is the most obtained from mining.
A bronze, yellow brass, red copper and nickel are produced by Copper ore processing.
Quartz ore A mineral which is frequently obtained from mining.
A silica stone, jasper, chalcedony and crystal are produced by Quartz ore processing.
Iron ore A mineral which is most used for processing materials.
A wrought iron, cast iron, black iron and steel are produced by Iron ore processing.
Corundum ore A topaz, beryl, sapphire and ruby are produced by Corundum ore processing.  
Gold and Silver ore A silver, platinum and gold are produced by Gold and Silver ore processing.  
Blood ore A blood stone is produced by Blood ore processing.  
Diamond ore A Diamond stone is produced by Diamond ore processing.  
Geum-Oh ore A Geum-Oh stone is produced by Geum-Oh ore processing.