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Suffering Valley-Suffering Valley

Suffering Valley

What is Suffering Valley?

This is the battle that winner is decided by the most score which is earned by defeating monsters.
In this Valley area, lots of monsters to defeat appear and you can also attack other guilds so you can disrupt others as well.

Process Guide

1. Suffering Valley Process Hours
- Every Mon/Wed/Fri starts from 1:30
- Guild Registration hours : Every Sun/Tue/Thr 5:00 ~ Mon/Wed/Fri 4:59
- Guild selection : every Mon/Wed/Fri 5:00 ~ 6:00
- Participants registration: every Mon/Wed/Fri 6:00 ~ Tue/Thu/Sat 0:30
- Battle process hours : every Tue/Thu/Sat 1:30 ~ 2:30
- Playing time is 1 hour and 30 participants are allowed at most.

2. Guild and guild member registration
- There is NPC around the Doggebi tower to help you register for suffering valley training.
- You will have to register prior to participate the suffering valley training, and 2 guilds will be selected in order for the battle.
- Registration for guild and guild member are limited to lord of level 2 or higher guild and it takes 30 thousand geons.
- You will not be able to secede or dismiss your guild after registration since training is only done by guild vs. guild.
- Registration for Suffering valley training will be preceded for 24 hours and 1 hour after the registration, 2 selected guilds will be announced. Selection of guilds is made randomly.
- When 2 guilds are selected, the lord of the guild or Sub-leader will have to register their guild members again to Gold-Doggebi.
- When 2 guilds are selected, you can gather your guild members up to 30. and again, this is only limited to the Lord of the guild or Sub-leader.

3. Summons
- registered participants, guild members that lord of the guild has registered will be summoned 5 minutes before the training and they will be summoned to Blue dragon area and White Tiger area.
- You will still be able to participate even you are late by 5 minutes.

4. Training process
- In this Valley area, lots of monsters to defeat appear and you can also attack other guilds so you can disrupt others as well.
1) Your guild and opponent guild will be placed to opposite areas.
2) Participants will be summoned to the starting point 5 minutes before the battle takes place and remaining time and score will appear on your screen. At certain period of time, monsters will appear.
3) Again, number of monsters will appear whether defeated or not, and by killing monsters, your score will increase.
4) Appeared monsters will start from weak ones to stronger ones. And in the end of the battle, boss monsters will appear as well.
5) Dead users in the battle will be revived at the starting point area.
6) Scroll of Rebirth or summons can be used but experience level will not be affected.
7) Earned score by killing monsters in designated hour, winner is selected.
:Encampment Building items can be used to construct Encampment. When Encampment is built you can increase all of your members’ defense level. It takes 10 seconds to build encampment and it will last for 5 minutes.

5. End Training
- When training is over, all the members will be moved to the anteroom. You can go to village by clicking NPC also. And after 5 minutes, you will be automatically moved to the Village.
- Your rewards for training will be given as below

List Earned honor score etc
Winning guild 4,000 Same as Protecting Leader
Lost guild 500
Withdraw 1,000
Killing Opponent Character 30x(Class + 1) 3,500 maximum
Value 6 7 8 9 10
Class Lieutenant Captain Major Colonel General

Monster information

Tobyong troops for training
Magicians have given breath to those ones who are from the ground. They attack everyone who they see since they are built for training.
Bodies are covered with soil since they are made from the ground. They look stupid but are strong. They drop mud on their every move. There are magic marks on their forehead, body, and their legs.

  1. Tobyong (Lv 60 ~ 65)
    Taller than average height. They are wearing Armor· They attack by throwing mud (or stone).

  2. Tobyong magician (Lv 65 ~ 70)
    They are wearing Leather Armor and they use stone stick.

  3. Tobyong giant (Boss) (Lv 80)
    Twice a size of regular troops and wearing armorand hat.
    They use stone pillar for attack.
    They instantly paralyze you by hitting the ground with the stone pillar.
    They hit you with the stone pillar
    They can call out to local troops and troop magicians near them.
  4. Noktoo Troops for Training

    They are troops that are born by the magic which is spelled to Green bean. Their attack is endless. They attack as team strategically, so you have to be really strong to win them.
    They are born from spelled Green beans and attack whoever they see since they are born to kill. By the magic that they are spelled, their power and attacking skills are different. Their skins are all green.

  5. Noktoo soldier (Lv 60)
    · Their characteristics are fast movement and attack by their armor and
    · They stab you with their long spear.
    · Individual attack is not too strong but many of them attack together at once,
    so their attack is very risky.
    · Their size is about human.

  6. Noktoo magician (Lv 75 ~ 80)
    · They are troops when spelled Green bean and added magician’s blood.
    · So they can use magic as well.
    · By using magic stick they can use magic attack.

  7. Noktoo assassin (Lv 85)
    · They wear silver mantle and carry 2 swords. Their attack is cross
    · Sun light is reflected by their silver mantle so that they can hide themselves. (No attack when they are not visible).

  8. Noktoo general (Boss) (Lv 90)
    · Green bean Commander is 3 times bigger than regular green bean troops.
    And he wears Gold mantle.
    · He Carries huge hammer on his shoulder and green bean pockets on his
    · Huge hammer attack is very brutal.
    · By Using magic, he can have gold needles rise From the ground.
    · He summons Green bean Troops by planting Green beans.
  9. Bogy Troops for Tranining

    They are monsters that are summoned by magic and attacks human mortally. They ride Wolves.
    Their size is about human but since they ride wolves they can be very fast and mortal.

  10. Bogy rider (Lv 70 ~ 75)
    · They use ex which is made by skulls.
    · They have summoned marks on their wolves’ Neck and forehead.

  11. Bogy archer (Lv 73 ~ 77)
    · They can attack from certain distance by using suk-goong.
    · Their wolves have marks of summons.

  12. Bogy captain (Lv 80)
    · By using spear, they are capable of attack and defense.
    · By giving cold energy to their spears, they can attack.

  13. Bogy general (Boss) (Lv 85)
    · By using spear and shield, he is very proficient In attack and defense.
    · By giving cold energy to their spears, they can attack many at once.
    · He can call Thunder when he raise up his spear.
    · He can call back up attack from the sky and arrow rain will fall.