The first Korean fantasy

Senario - Valley of D'evah

Valley of D'evah

There was just a vast ocean between the two continents, Naraeha and Geheneh.
One day of the era that the people of Naraeha and that of Geheneh went together not recognizing each other, the fall of a meteorite to the ocean caused mountainous waves and made resting volcanoes for thousands of years erupt violently in the sea floor. With the approach the end of the eruptions, diastrophism was lifting a new island out of the ocean. Nothing was viable in it the first time that the island appeared.
According as one thousand of years elapsed, however, the island went fertile and creatures was settling down in it. One day, through the crevices that had appeared both on Naraeha and on Geheneh, some creatures -human beings, Demons and creatures of Unknow World- got into the new island.
They bulit the two cities of Cheonji-Yun and Hondel and both established splendid and advanced civilization.
Naming the island 'Mu-Geuk' they fused the culture of the orient and that of the occident together and lived more affluent life in it than their homelands. It is to be regretted that their peace and happiness did not lasted for ages.
As the D’evah who had got Geheneh into the disturbances of war and crossed over through a crevice to annihilate Daemons in Naraeha came to recognized the existence of Mu-Geuk, he wiped out all of the creatures in Mu-Geuk in order that he would establish a bridgehead for encroaching on the two continents.
The disturbances of war which had started from the northward of Hondel was expanded throughout Mu-Geuk, and those who barely escaped death was living a hard life standing out in Cheonji-Yun situated on the southernmost part of Mu-Geuk against D’evah's and his subordinates.

Valley of D'evah

- Valley of D'evah is a space that can only be accessed by users who have cleared the priest's tower quest, and is a specialized space for users over level 70.
- In the Valley of D'evah, users will encounter a new world completely different from existing swords.
- Starting from the Valley of D'evah, users will gain much higher experience points than before, allowing them to level up more smoothly.
- The monsters in the Valley of the Deva have powerful skill attacks, requiring strategic and effective gameplay from the user.

How to get to the Valley of D'evah

Valley of D'evah Transit Eligibility
Obtain “Norgae of Teleport”

Defeat the summons ‘Cheios’ and ‘Dunamic’ on the 10th floor of Tower of Priest, acquire ‘I’Lryer’s’s Ring’ and go from Geum-hOh Mine to Ohdo Gorge
You can move freely to the ‘Valley of D’evah’ after obtaining the ‘Norgae of Teleport’ by handing it over to ‘Jin-Heun’, the ‘Messenger of Devah’ at the gateway.

‘Norgae of Teleport Acquisition Flowchart’
Messenger of Devah [Jin-Heun] location

Located at the gateway from Geum-hOh Mine to Ohdo Gorge.

Other precautions

- Cheonjiyeon move orders sold within the Valley of D'evah are configured to be used only within the Valley of D'evah.
- It is not possible to summon or move people in the Valley of D'evah from the existing continent.
- Saved locations in the Valley of D'evah cannot be retrieved using a movement scroll in Naraeha.
(Locations saved in the Valley of D'evah can only be moved within the Valley of D'evah with the Move Scroll Order)

Valley of D'evah regionalization

The Valley of D'evah is a middle ground between the Naraeha and Gehene continents, and is a chaotic world where images of the East and the West coexist.

Valley of D'evah opening order

Valley of D'evah is divided into 5 regions and will be opened in the same order as above according to the update schedule.

Reputation system for Valley of D'evah

- It is a system for reputation within the Valley of D'evah, and if you return the 'Depleted Daeva's Soul Fragment' item that drops throughout the Valley of D'evah, you can return it
Depending on the quantity, the sales amount of NPCs sold in Valley of D'evah will change. (Same principle as Castle Siege tax rate adjustment)
- A 1% discount will be applied for each returned quantity exceeding 1,000, and you will receive a maximum discount of 10%.
- Discount rate application table

Quantity to return 0 to 999 1,000 to 1,999 2,000 to 2,999 3,000 to 3,999 4,000 to 4,999 5,000 to 5,999 6,000 to 6,999 7,000 to 7,999 8,000 to 8,999 9,000 to 9,999 10,000 to 10,999
Discount rate 0% 1% 2% 3% 4% 5% 6% 7% 8% 9% 10%

Vally of D'evah

Crazy Demon Worker Lv 81~85 Degenerated Twisted Demon Lv 86~90
Elite Skeleton Lv 82~86 Elite Skeleton Archer Lv 83~87
Crazy Demon soldier Lv83~84 Twisted Demon soldier Lv88~90
Crazy Demon Worker’s Leader Lv 90 Wolf Commander Lv88
Guard of D’evah’s Commander Lv90 Crazy Demon Conjurator Lv85~86
Wild Boar Lv 85~87 Wolf Lv 83~85
Brown Bear Lv 91~93 Scorpion Lv88~92
Knoll Lv 91~93 Goblin Lv 91~93
Golbin Conjurator Lv 91~93 Guard of D’evah Lv 96~97
Goblin soldier Lv92~94 Goblin Scout soldier Lv93~95
Knoll soldier Lv92~94 Knoll Archer Lv93~94
Skeleton soldier Lv93 Skeleton Archer Lv93~94
Twisted Demon Warrior Lv94 Virgin Ghost Lv 94
Xill Archer Lv94 Starved Xill soldier Lv95
Xill Conjurator Lv95 Knoll Mad Warrior Lv94
Evolve Zombie Lv 96 Zombie Conjurator Lv 96
Elite Skeleton Lv 96 Elite Skeleton Archer Lv 96
Elite Wraith Lv 88~90