The first Korean fantasy

Area-Tower of D’evah

Introduction of Tower of D’evah Dungeon Entrance

An adventurer from continent Geheneh has obtained strange looking certificate by accident, and he was drawn into exploring the untapped land, Northern Hondel.
While he was exploring as the strange certificate leads, he found mysterious region in Northern Hondel where reacts with the certificate.
Mysterious region was reacting to his certificate for a while, and the entrance was finally opened at this mysterious region.
The adventurer eventually entered the entrance; it was dungeon entrance that leads to the Tower of D’evah’.
There were dungeon corps waiting for the D’evahs’ order to attack Baedal and Balkan.
However the adventurer was found by the Dungeon Corps in dungeon, and passed away. The existence of Tower of D’evah Dungeon Entrance was revealed by the writings that he carved on the tombstone before he entered the mysterious region.

Near the ‘Weathered Monument (Mautareta)’ of North Castle of InKlames, there is a teleport that goes to the dungeon entrance area.

Tower of D’evah Dungeon Entrance

You can move to Benatar region if you use the teleport, and enter through the tombstone.
- You can enter by clicking the tombstone of adventurer
- It takes one certificate of D’evah’ to enter.
* Certificate of D’evah is dropped from all monsters of Hondel, and the shadow of D’evah.

Entrance Limitations

- You are not able to enter without a certificate of D’evah’
- Lv 80 or higher can only enter.

Composition of Dungeon Entrance

Dungeon Entrance 1F
- Different numbers and types of monster appear depends on the size of each room.
- Pathways in between all rooms are set as safe area.
- You are able to obtain superlative weapons and armors.

    'Dungeon Entrance' Monsters

  1. Dungeon Warrior (Lv106)
    Ordinary monster of Dungeon Corps.
    Most monsters of Dungeon Corps.

  2. Dungeon Shield Soldier (Lv108)
    They role as shield for dungeon corps.
    They are in charge of defense at the very front.
    They have high health and defensive power.

  3. Dungeon Scout Soldier (Lv107)
    Sentinel Monster of Dungeon Corps.
    They have the special wide vision and the speed of scouters and possess stun skill.