The first Korean fantasy

Awaken System

The method of Awaken is that has been leaked from the royal mausoleum of Ancient Korea had began to spread all over the world.
To be awaken, it is necessary to overpass the spirituous medicine and training that as painful as it is.
It is said that the ones who finished training will gain the physical ability increased which is never be the same as before.
Thos of who have arrived Lv. 91 after the third Job Change can progress the awaken system through the NPC "Deado Hyemin" in the village of Narootuh.
Those of who had progressed the awaken system can recover the strength and mana by using the Evolution of Mana Circulation.
Plus, it becomes possible to move farther and faster by using a quick pace of the Skill "Walk on the Air".

Awaken Quest

Awaken Quest can be gotten from NPC “Daedo Hyemin” in Narootuh village.

When you approached Level 91, You can process "Awaken Lv.1 Quest" from NPC “Daedo Hyemin” in Narootuh village.

Information of Awaken Quest.

  Quest name Quest of Level
First Itinerary of Awaken Level. 91
Second Incipiency of Awaken Level. 96
Ultimate Ultimate Ending Level. 101

* Please check detail quest condition through NPC.

Coat of Arms

When you have the awaken progression, As follows, You are marked the awaken Level coat of arms in next your name.

The awaken Level.1 coat of arms The awaken Level.2 coat of arms The awaken Level.3 Acquire Ultimate Skills