• Game System
    Infinite Tower
    The new hunting ground infinite tower is a virtual dungeon.
    When the tower's blessing time comes,
    you can enter through NPCs.
    It is a hunting ground that can satisfy everyone
    from low level to high level.
    Optimized for individual play and small party players.
    In the infinite tower, you can get a huge amount of experience.
    In addition, you can collect coins from the tower and select the desired reward.
    Entrance to the infinite tower
    Infinite Tower can be moved by talking to the Narootuh village Infinite Tower movement guide.
    Infinite Tower cannot be saved with the Saving Scroll of Location.
    To return to the village from the Tower of Infinity, you must use the village Saving Scroll of Location.
    Danger Factors of the Infinite Tower 1. Monster Cluster Enhancement Effect
    In the infinite tower, the monster cluster enhancement effect occurs.
    If you are attacked by more than 6 monsters, it will be difficult for the monsters to withstand the attack.
    You must adjust the number of monsters you face at one time to suit your ability.
    Fortunately, monsters in the Tower of Infinity have a narrow range of recognition for hostile targets.
    Danger Factors of the Infinite Tower 2. Unable to use blessing skill
    Blessing skills cannot be used in the Infinite Tower.
    You cannot use 검진 of Protection and Swordtrickster of Protection skills.
    Tower Blessing System
    In the Infinite Tower, if you hunt while receiving the blessing of the tower,
    you will receive an additional 1000% experience and a tower token reward.
    In the absence of the tower's blessing, you can only receive basic experience and cannot receive token rewards.
    Tower blessings are consumed only when in the infinite tower.
    If you leave the tower with time remaining, the charging time will be maintained.
    You can check the tower's blessing in the upper UI.
    You can charge the blessing time by the hour by pressing the add time button.
    When the remaining time of the Tower's blessing is 0, you can recharge once a day for free.
    If the blessing time is not zero, or if you have already used your daily free charge, you will incur a charge cost.
    Tower blessings can only be accumulated for up to 10 hours.
    If the tower's blessing charging result exceeds 10 hours, charging is impossible
    (ex: Attempting to charge with 9 hours and 1 minute remaining)
    Infinite Tower Hour Time Charger
    Charging with a Time Charger does not increase the cost of extending blessings.
    Charging using the charging seat can also not exceed 10 hours.
    It is obtained with a low probability when hunting the infinite tower monster.
    Tower Coin
    Tower coins can be obtained by hunting monsters in the tower's blessing state.
    It cannot be obtained if the monster's name is gray.
    At the party, it will be'divided in order'.
    When it is your turn to get during the party, if the remaining time for the tower's blessing is 0, you cannot divide.
    Even if you are in a party with the Tower's blessing, if your character is in a safe area, it will not be divided.
    Tower Coin Exchange Shop
    Subject Tower Coin Count Restriction
    Box of the Dark Shadow Weapon 3000000 Once per account
    Box of the Dark Shadow Armor 2400000 Once per account
    Box of Infernal Destroyer Weapon 1000000 Once per account
    Box of Infernal Destroyer Armor 800000 Once per account
    Scroll of ATK UP 10000 No limit
    Battle Potion 500 No limit
    Bead of Fire 50000 3 per week
    Qigong Talisman 50000 3 per week
    Dragon Spirit Scroll 20000 10 per week
    More various items will be added as exchangeable products.
    Infinite Tower PVP
    The even floor.(2,4,6,8,10) of the Infinite Tower is a conflict zone where PVP is possible.
    When you defeat a monster in a conflict area, you will get an additional'Battle Soul'.
    The acquired Battle Soul can be exchanged for Tower Coins from the Battle Soul Exchange Guide on each floor.
    The more Battle Soul you have, the higher the rate you can exchange coins in the tower.
    Battle Souls can be exchanged for coins from at least 50.
    Battle Soul Reserve Exchange rate
    1~299 1 coin per 50 Battle Soul
    3000~5999 1 coin per 10 Battle Soul
    6000 or more 1 coin per 5 Battle Soul
    When you exchange Battle Souls, you will exchange all Battle Souls you have.
    The remaining Battle Souls in the exchange rate are discarded.
    Example) When exchanging 110 Battle Souls, 2 coins will be obtained. 10 Battle Souls will be discarded.
    If you are killed by a monster or other character in the Tower of Infinity, all Battle Souls you have are lost.
    If you defeat a character that has a Battle Soul, you will get some of the Battle Souls that that character has.
    Battle Soul Reserve 투혼 획득 비율
    1~299 1EA
    3000~5999 1000EA
    6000 or more 2000EA
    If you leave the PVP area of the Infinite Tower, you will lose all Battle Souls you have.
    When moving to a location other than the Infinite Tower, all Battle Souls you have will be deleted.
    Upon death, all Battle Souls you own are deleted.
    You can guess how much Battle Souls you have by using the icon on the other user's name tag.
    Icon Image Holding Prediction
    In possession of 1~2999EA
    In possession of 3000~5999EA
    In possession of more than 6000