The first Korean fantasy

Area-Infinite Tower

Infinite Tower

The new hunting ground Infinite Tower is a virtual instanced dungeon.
You can enter when you reach the level and entry cost.
It is a hunting ground that can satisfy everyone from low level to high level.
Optimized for individual play.
There is no safe zone inside the Infinite Tower instanced dungeon.
The Infinite Tower is a dungeon that is only available on weekends.

Enter Infinite Tower

Infinite Tower can be moved by talking to the Infinite Tower transport guide in Narootuh Village.
Infinite Tower cannot be saved as a location save order.
In order to return to the village from Infinite Tower, you must use the Village Move Scroll.

Conditions to enter Infinite Tower

1 to 3 times : Geon
4 to 8 times : Jewel

Re-enter Infinite Tower

The entry time is maintained for 30 minutes, and you can save time by exiting the movement order form in the middle.