The first Korean fantasy


The Tranining Field of Unknown World

Medical Doctor is in experiment of monsters for 5 grades, and leading the warriors to the training field with summoned experimenting monsters, so that the warriors can train as if they are in the real battle.

Medical Doctor [Haewoo] NPC

View of the Training Field of Unknown World


- All members of a guild which conquered the castle can participate due to this is a privilege for them.
* Member of allies or allied guild cannot participate.
You cannot enter if you summon the monsters
If you die at the training field, you can move to the regenerate area by clicking
If you die while you are hunting, Exp will drop as same as it is at the hunting ground.
* Limitations on item and skill usage
- Unable to use all summoning scrolls
- Unable to use all moving scrolls.
- Unable to use all moving trinkets.
- Unable to use Teleportation skill.

Time Limitations

- The training field is held for 30 minutes from when the monster is summoned.
- After 30 minutes of summoned monster, you will be moved to the medical doctor, Haewoo regardless the outcome of hunting.
- Notice will pop up before 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute of dungeon expiration,

Experiment Stages

- Experiment stage starts at 0 grade and increases up to 5 grade.
- Experiment stage can be set by the guild leader and the co-guild leader only.
- You can step up by one grade per one Castle Siege through medical doctor NPC.
- The progress of experiment stage can be checked by visiting the medical doctor NPC, and if you do not upgrade, the current grade will stay at its state.
- If you are at the state that you can enter the dungeon by requesting for entering the training field, you are not able to upgrade in experiment stage.

Experiment Stage Reset

- If the castle owner is changed by the victory of offenders, the experiment stage resets.
- If you summon the boss monster at the training field, the experiment stage resets to 0 regardless the current experiment stage.

Monster Composition for each stage.

stage 1 Grade 2 Grade
Ghost of
3 Grade 4 Grade 5 Grade
Mautareta Master of
Dead Person

※ For 3 Grade, it is random whether Dunamic or Cheios is summoned.

Experience and Item Rewards

- 10,750,000 Exp will be given for each player in a lump.
- Attainable amount of Exp cannot exceed 10% of whole Exp of current level.
- Items that monsters drop can vary from the dropped items of field monsters.
- The effect from stone of Exp is not applied.