The first Korean fantasy

Area-Valley of D'evah

Valley of D'evah

It Will be opened through the Valley of D'evah which will be connected into Geheneh.
Season2 of kalonline will contain high level monster parade and lange nation battle which are goning to be cinsfantly updated.
There was just a vast ocean between the two continents, Naraeha and Geheneh.
One day of the era that the people of Naraeha and that of Geheneh went together not recognizing each other, the fall of a meteorite to the ocean caused mountainous waves and made resting volcanoes for thousands of years erupt violently in the sea floor.
With the approach the end of the eruptions, diastrophism was lifting a new island out of the ocean. Nothing was viable in it the first time that the island appeared.
According as one thousand of years elapsed, however, the island went fertile and creatures was settling down in it. One day, through the crevices that had appeared both on Naraeha and on Geheneh, some creatures -human beings, Demons and creatures of Unknow World- got into the new island.
They bulit the two cities of Cheonji-Yun and Hondel and both established splendid and advanced civilization.
Naming the island 'Mu-Geuk' they fused the culture of the orient and that of the occident together and lived more affluent life in it than their homelands. It is to be regretted that their peace and happiness did not lasted for ages.
As the D’evah who had got Geheneh into the disturbances of war and crossed over through a crevice to annihilate Daemons in Naraeha came to recognized the existence of Mu-Geuk, he wiped out all of the creatures in Mu-Geuk in order that he would establish a bridgehead for encroaching on the two continents.
The disturbances of war which had started from the northward of Hondel was expanded throughout Mu-Geuk, and those who barely escaped death was living a hard life standing out in Cheonji-Yun situated on the southernmost part of Mu-Geuk against D’evah's and his subordinates.

Hunting specialization area in Valley of D'evah

- A hunting specialization area is added to Valley of D'evah.
- 'Magic Scroll to Hillock of Percar' which allows you to move to Valley of D'evah is added, and can be purchased through NPCs in Village of Cheonjiyeon and Village of Hondel, The haven of the dead.
-Wandering honor merchant NPC added to Hillock of Percar.