The first Korean fantasy

Life - Private Shop

* You may buy and sell items by using private shop system.
* Money won’t be shown on the item list.
* When private shop is open, you may not move.
* Private shop won’t cancel even if you are attacked by monsters.

When private shop icon is clicked, opening private shop step is started.

Click an item that want to be sold and input price you wish. It will be shown on the window.

Type the price of the item and click OK.
※ If more than 1 item(s) are put on that slot, query selection window will be shown.

Click on register button to register the item.

Click on 'Name' button and name input window will be shown.

If you want to change the name of private shop or stop selling items, click on private shop icon to open the private shop list and click on 'Name' button or 'Stop' button.