The first Korean fantasy

Scenario - ShadowDevah


Shadow of Devah Properties


- Shadow of D`evah appears randomly at designated areas for each level.
- Same level of Shadow of D’evah does not appear more than one at the same time.
- Shadow of D`evah re-appears certain amount of time after his death.
- Shadow of D`evah has all different Health Point depends on its level.


- Player loses 10% of health with one attack of Shadow of D`evah.
- Shadow of D`evah loses 1 Health Point per one attack from player regardless of any Physical or Magic attack.
- The rate of attacking, and being attacked is 100%.


- Reward system for Shadow of D`evah is different from current reward system for other Boss Monsters. Person who last hits Shadow of D`evah will be rewarded with experience and priority for the dropped items.
- Same as the existing system, priority of dropped item will disappear after certain amount of time.
- Experience reward is different for each level range of Shadow of D`evah.
- Killing Shadow of D`evah that is not in your level range will not reward any experience.
- Shadow of D`evah will drop Items with no level or class requirement; also, items that can be used in future contents.

The appearance information of Shadow of D'evah

Level Name Time Appearance notification message
Appearance Location
1~40 Dawn Shadow of D`evah 3 hours Dawn Shadow of D`evah has been appeared.
Village of Narootuh, Jook-Suh Cargo Station, Geum-Oh Mine,
Temporary Fort of Geum-Ohee Castle, Around Guem-Ohee Castle
41~60 Devil Shadow of D`vah 3.5 hours Devil Shadow of D`evah has been appeared.
Forsaken Fort, Royal Tomb of GuhBalHan, Around Doggebi Tower
61~80 Nightmare Shadow of D`evah 4 hours Nightmare Shadow of D`evah has been appeared
High-Land, Around Tower of Priest
81 above Hell Shadow of D`evah 5 hours Hell Shadow of D`evah has been appeared.
Castle Of Inklames, Alter of Hopelose, Village of Eolyn, Hillock of Percar,
Plain of Ga-ul, Grove of The Military Nobility, Guen-Rin Village,
Around Valley of Barrier

Item Drop Information

Name Image Description
Gold Coin Can earn 1,000,000 Zamogeon by selling at NPC store. There is a rumor Gold Coin can be used to get Gold Bar.
Silver Coin Can earn 100,000 Zamogeon by selling at NPC store. There might be another use for this item.
Mysterious Marble Can earn 100 Zamogeon by selling at Shop. Doggebi may know the proper way of using this.
Piece of Shining Gold Can earn 500 Zamogeon by selling at Shop. Doggebi may know the proper way of using this.