The first Korean fantasy

Area-Forrest of Elements

Forrest of Elements

GuhBalhan who was born in the egg of black crow made up the world. GuhBalHan had gathered elements and doggebis so that he could fall demons to hell.
And he completed his own purpose by vanishing to make the universe and the whole creations.
After GuhBalHan disappeared, doggebi lord who ruled over the highland of the sky was fool enough to commit tyranny.
Elements who were not interested in the world left to west. Priests were the ones who stayed in the highland of the sky and kept city of the priest.
After elements were gone, the Forrest of Elements was sealed.
The Emperor of the Balkhan, Temoth who uninified west contnent Geheneh didn’t keep the promise with the chief priest Eliah.
Then Eliah left the Balkhan empire and went over to the highland of the sky. Many big and small elements were awaken as he was passing the way.
Even though those elements were asleep for 1000 years, they had power as they were, were wild as they were not before.
Eliah lived in the top of the Tower of the Priest.
From devastated forest since it was sealed for 1000 years, elements started to wake up.
And so, Hanin and Temoth who leads the west Balkhan makes strategic alliance agreement due to defend human domain from increasing number of common opponents like those monsters, elements, demons and devas.

Forrest of Elements description

It’s like a pentagon, and there are starting elements’s points at each point.
In the middle, there is the Tower of the Priest, and each point has altars where ancient humans worshiped for elements.
Once it was a great forest but after the elements but after elements were gone, it just got devastated.
Its name was only called the forest but it was like a ground like a wasteland where there lives cannot exist.

Forrest of Elements entrance

- Southern part of priest’s city leads to Forrest of Elements entrance.

Forrest of Elements inside

Tower of priest

Forrest of Elements safety area

- Forrest of Elements has safety area.