The first Korean fantasy


Friend Registration System

You can add friend and send messages through Kal online system. You can check if your friend is online or send presents and parcel as well.
 - Message : Your friend does not have to be online.
 - Present : You can attach items in your message.
 - Parcel : You can attach items in your message and ask for Zamogeon later on.

Method and Effect

Friend registration
- On a window of skill, you can click on ‘Add Friend’ icon or you can press ‘F’ Key.
- Friend Registration: you can add your friends to 30 and see if they are online or not. Logged on friends
 will appear with white I.D and others will show as grey. (Key: /registerfriend character name)
- You can delete list of your friend by using deleting key (Key: /deletefriend character name)


1) Send
- You can select your friends from your list and send messages to all of them at once.
- There is a transaction fee of sending messages and 5 geons will be used. You will be able to write 100 letters.

2) Attaching Items
- You can attach items in your message and send them to your friends or ask for geons and sell it as well.
- Transaction fee of sending item is 100 geons (message fee is included)

3) Receiving
- You can double click on message from your message list and read. You can save 100 messages you receive and will not be able to send your message to your friend who has 100 messages saved in their message box.
※ In your received message box, you can save up to 50 messages and if you were to open messages that arrived after these, you will have to delete your previous messages and re-open your message box.

4) Receiving Items
- You can click on the message that are distinguished as gift or parcel from your message box and receive items.
- When parcel is arrived, automatically requested fee will be asked as you open the message.
※ please check the price of parcel and open only when you wish to receive the item.

5) Returning message
- If you don’t wish to purchase the item, you may click on ‘return’ button and send back to a seller.

6) Automatic deletion

kinds Status Return and deletion
Message Waiting Automatically deletes after 30 days
Checked Automatically deletes after 1 hour
(asking for the price)
Waiting Automatically returns after 1 hour
Checked Automatically returns after 1 hour
Gift Waiting Automatically returns after 2 days
Checked Automatically returns after 1 hour
※ All returned messages will be hold and waiting in the [received message box].
※ There are prior messages that you need to check and they will show different colors.
    Red : these are deleted automatically in 24 hours.
    White : These are automatically returned in 24 hours.
    Grey : These will not be deleted or returned.