The first Korean fantasy

Monster- Lv1~29

Low Classes Demon

They don't have choice to act; they are more like slaves.
Their main works are making weapons, being spearheads in the battle, and helping the mother demon's parturition.

  1. Demon Vulgar (Lv 1)

  2. Demon Scout (Lv 2)
    Wild Small Demon (Lv 6)

  3. Demon Spearhead (Lv 3)
    Wild Demon Spearhead (Lv 7)

  4. Demon Plunderer (Lv 4)
    Wild Demon Plunderer (Lv 12)

  5. Wild Small Demon (Lv 5)

  6. Wild Demon Escort Soldier(Lv 8)
    Wild Demon Escort Soldier (Lv 15)

  7. Wild Demon Escort Archer (Lv 8)
    Wild Demon Escort Archer (Lv 15)

  8. Demon Scout Commander (Lv 9)

  9. Wild Suicide Bomber (Lv 10)
    Wild Suicide Bomber (Lv 13)