The first Korean fantasy

Game System

Kal Pass

This is a system where users earn ‘points’ through missions that are updated on the 1st of every month and receive rewards for each accumulated stage.
The Normal pass is free, but if you purchase the premium pass (paid), additional paid rewards are provided.

Detailed information

Kal Pass can be accessed using the Kal Pass icon in the menu bar.

- The Kal Pass menu icon will blink if there are pass rewards available.

The Kal Pass is divided into a reward tab and a mission tab.

Kal Pass Duration

The pass period is the same from the 1st to the last day regardless of type.
When the period ends, all points, rewards, and acquisition history will be reset.

Kal Pass Mission

Pass missions are divided into daily and monthly missions.
When you complete a mission, ‘Kal Pass points’ are awarded.

Daily Mission
How to earn Kal Pass points Number
of times
Attendance 1 20
Use Potion 50 20
Subduing Monsters 50 20
Completed Daily mission 5 20
Completed Infinite Tower 1 20
Fishing 5 20
Mining 5 20
Cooking 5 20
Purchase item (Zamogeons) 10 20
Purchase Item (Jewels) 1 20
Total 200

- You can earn up to 100 points every day in daily missions.
- Daily missions reset every day at 00:00 AM.

Monthly Mission
How to earn Kal Pass points Number
of times
Attendance 10 100
Subduing Monsters 1000 100
Use Potion 1000 100
Completed Daily mission 100 100
Completed Infinite Tower 10 100
Completed Scenario (Destructing Key Points, Protecting Leader, Suffering Valley) 5 100
Completed Triangular Battle 5 100
Completed Castle siege 2 100
Completed Battle Field 2 100
Completed Duel Tournament 2 100
Fishing 100 100
Mining 100 100
Cooking 100 100
Purchase item (Zamogeons) 100 100
Purchase Item (Jewels) 10 100
Completed Daily mission 50 100
Try to enhance (Weapons, Armor, Accessories) 50 100
Total 1700

- Monthly missions are reset when the season changes