The first Korean fantasy

Monster- Lv1~29

Troop of Demon

Ban-Go wants the demons troops that are more powerful and well organized.
So Ban-Go cut out the uterus from the mother demon and made the furnace of birth, the devoted demons are made.
They are made from human bodies, animal's, and even the demons.
They are just incarnate devil; butning villages and killing people.

  1. Demon Carcass Scavenge (Lv 11)
    Wild Demon Carcass Scavenger (Lv 14)

  2. Demon Soldier (Lv 18)

  3. Demon Infantry (Lv 19)
    Assault Demon Infantry (Lv 31)

  4. Demon Throwing Soldier (Lv 19)
    Assault Demon Throwing Soldier (Lv 31)

  5. Wild Demon Soldier (Lv 20)

  6. Ferocious Demon Shock Trooper (Lv 21)
    Demon Shock Trooper (Lv 22)

  7. Ferocious Demon Flag Bearer (Lv 21)
    Demon Flag Bearer (Lv 23)

  8. Demon Band (Lv 22)
    Assault Demon Band (Lv 32)

  9. Demon Armored Knight (Lv 22)
    Assault Demon Armored Knight (Lv 32)

  10. Demon Mad Knight (Lv 23)
    Elite Demon Mad Knight (Lv 24)

  11. Demon Commander (Lv 23)
    Elite Demon Commander (Lv 24)