The first Korean fantasy

Boss Monster

A thousand-year old E-Moogy

E-Moogies who earned powers from the dragons usually have a short life span. It is because the power to secure the dragon’s force overdrives oneself to live a long life. But there are some E-Moogies who have overcome this fact, and live more than a thousand year.
A thousand-year old E-Moogy who lives near to the territory of the dragon has very powerful evil force.
Moreover, as it stays close to the power of the dragon, it must be repelled to destroy the power of the dragon.
It uses strong poison and diverse skills to conduct powerful attack, and when it detects itself in a bad situation, it will hide under the ground and come out in from other region.
A thousand-year old E-Moogy only appears when the nails of the dragon which were kept in four small temples are all destroyed.
These destroyed nails will be regenerated after 20 minutes. Furthermore, E-Moogy will disappear when it is not captured within an hour of its appearance.

Ghost of the dragon

From the old days, E-Moogy was just an enormous snake, but a long-lived E-Moogy could transform into a dragon by affecting the will of the heaven.
A thousand-year old E-Moogy could not transform into a dragon as it turned wicked by the nail of the dragon, but it can summon the ghost of the dragon at the last moment. It could only summon the ghost of the dragon in jeopardy, but after summoning the dragon, E-Moogy will immediately disappear into the ground.
The ghost of the dragon summoned by E-Moogy has only the spirit, but it attacks with critical poison and diverse skills.
It is known that there are no ways to cure the poison used by a spirit as it is too powerful.